-Airspeed (Pressure, true, mach, sensitive, max allow)
-Altitude Reporter
-Attitude gyro (And autopilot)
-Chronograph (Mechanical and Electric)
-Clock (Mechanical and Electric)
-Directional gyro (And autopilot)
-Encoding Altimeter
-Exaust Gas Temperature
-Engine Gauge Units (Fuel Flow, Fuel Quantity, Fuel Pressure, Hydraulic Pressure, Gyro suction Gauge, Manifold Pressure, Oil Temperature)
-Pitot Static Tester
-Pressure and Vacuum Indicators
-RPM (Mechanical and Electric)
-Tachometer Indicators (single, dual, triple, mechanical, electric, gas producer, % RPM)
-Temperature Indicators
-Torque Indicators
Turn Coordinators , Turn & Bank (And autopilot)
Vertical Speed (VSI), Rate of Climb
All the other instruments or indicators.

Capability list
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